Our Payroll bureau operates to help reduce some of the administrative burden faced by businesses that either employ people or regularly use sub-contractors, by offering both payroll and CIS services.


In terms of payroll for employers, we offer weekly, monthly and four weekly options, to individual needs when paying employees. We ensure that payroll is always run on time and the requisite submissions are made to HMRC in due time to meet the reporting requirements of the RTI system.

Auto Enrollment Pension

Our payroll bureau can assist with meeting the requirements of auto enrollment pension which has seen the introduction of employee pensions for all businesses. We provide the following services for our clients to assist with the set up and operation of the pension schemes:

  • We offer advice on the various auto enrollment pension providers
  • Assist with the set-up of the scheme and provide advice on the documents to be issued to employees
  • Run the pension alongside payroll
  • Report deductions and liabilities to pension providers

We have experience working with a range of pension providers including:

  • Nest
  • Peoples Pension
  • Smart Pension
  • Standard Life
  • Scottish Widows

Subcontractors and CIS Scheme

For our clients who utilise the services of CIS subcontractors we offer the following services:

  • Preparation of monthly CIS returns
  • The production of payment and deduction statements for the individual subcontractors
  • Verifying sub contractors