The main component of personal tax is the Self- Assessment reporting regime which entails personal Tax Returns having to be filed by the end of January each year.

Here at EMB & Co Limited we offer an inclusive Self-Assessment service. We try to ensure a relatively stress free January, at least as far as personal tax is concerned, by alleviating the reporting burden placed on our clients.

Our Self-Assessment service varies according to individual needs but includes the following as standard:

  • Calculation of tax liability
  • Completion and filing of tax returns
  • Advice as to payment amounts and deadlines

Self-Assessment is not limited to income tax; it also encompasses capital gains tax, a tax which is often overlooked by individuals when disposing of personal assets.

The services we offer in regard to capital gains tax include:

  • Calculation of gains, including consideration and application of available reliefs
  • Tax planning in regards to future disposals